Primary Education

Primary School Education Programme

Our school education service offers personal and progressive programmes for each of our schools. Join our team where we will work closely to ensure the best standard of PE is maintained for all year groups throughout the year.

Our programmes are designed specifically for each school according to their needs. We provide flexible services which include:

  • Extra-curricular delivery – breakfast, lunch and afterschool clubs.
  • PE lessons – including planning, delivery and evaluation.
  • Staff CPD – working with school teachers to help with their own delivery.
  • PE packages – PE packages available to purchase.
  • Competitions – work with teams for competitions / providing our own school competitions.

Working in line with the national curriculum, our programme includes full schemes of work containing the planning, delivery and evaluation of every lesson. Our sessions are specific to each year group and include a mix of multi-skills activities and sport-specific practices which are enjoyable and challenging for all.

Our team of coaches all hold level 2 coaching qualifications and are continuing to work on their own development to continue to provide quality in their work. We also provide in-house training for multi-skills and sport-specific skills as well as lesson structure/management and behaviour management. This will ensure that we are getting the best out of ourselves and in turn provide the best services possible.

Our CPD programme allows teachers to work with our team of coaches to develop their knowledge, management and delivery of PE sessions.

Contact us to discuss how we can help reach your goals and excel your PE making it a successful learning and development area for all children.